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Recommended Reads

Reading is an essential life skill. The ability to read well enables students to access knowledge and information that is vital to their learning.  Reading is an essential skill in the study of all subjects. The library holds a wide range of titles that support learning across the curriculum.  Books enable students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the subject they are studying.  By reading an extensive range of materials students are further able to develop a broader understanding of the world around them. Such texts include authentic resources, research, fiction, poetry, newspapers and magazines.  The Academy’s library holds an extensive collection of resources to support students in their studies and to help them develop their literacy skills and vocabulary.  We also have a range of books that we recommend for students to read to extend their knowledge beyond the curriculum.

The complete catalogue of library resources can be viewed through the library web app here.

Further information regarding reading at the Academy can be found here.

To help students select appropriate reading materials, a selection of brand-new titles, recommended for each subject area, can be downloaded from the links below.

All the books featured are available from the Academy’s library.