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Uniform and Equipment

The academy uniform must be worn by all students at all times. The majority of the uniform can be bought at shops of your choice.  A list containing details of suitable items of uniform, available from various major retailers, can be found below. Families who require assistance in obtaining uniform can apply to Uniform Exchange for free pre-used items of uniform.  Further details concerning Uniform Exchange can also be found below. However, certain items (marked R) can only be bought at Rawcliffes in Dewsbury.

Rawcliffes - 18A Crackenedge Lane, Dewsbury WF13 1PT

01924 465510 

The uniform is essentially grey, with the academy logo prominent on all branded items and our full uniform is as follows:

Uniform - compulsory items

  • Academy Blazer (R)
  • Academy clip-on House Tie (to be purchased from the Academy)
  • Plain tailored black trousers (no leggings, jeans or jersey material trousers) or plain black knee length school skirt (no jersey or stretch material skirt) with plain black tights
  • Plain white shirt with collar
  • Plain black school shoes (no trainers or trainer style shoe)

Optional Uniform

  • Dark blue or black shalwar kameez to be worn with Academy Blazer
  • Dark blue or black headscarf (cultural grounds). If the collar is visible then a shirt and tie must be worn

Optional branded items which can be purchased from Rawcliffes

  • Academy cardigan – worn under blazer
  • Academy jumper – worn under blazer

Please note that the academy-branded knitwear (cardigan and jumper) is to be worn as well as the academy blazer and not instead of.  All students will be expected to wear a blazer throughout the academic year, with or without the relevant knitwear.  Students may not wear an alternative jumper or cardigan underneath the blazer.

All students must wear sensible school black shoes.  The wearing of trainers throughout the academy day is inappropriate and not allowed.  Any students wearing inappropriate footwear and unable to provide proper shoes will be asked to wear academy pumps which will be provided.  Refusal to do so will result in a day in internal exclusion. Jeans and leggings are not permitted. Any student who wears a skirt must wear black tights (black socks are not appropriate with skirts).


Students are expected to have an appropriate hairstyle which is neither extreme nor offensive.  Any students failing to comply will be placed into Internal Exclusion (any concerns please contact the academy).  

Jewellery and Make-Up

The academy has a strict policy on jewellery and make-up.  Students may wear only the following items of jewellery:

  • One small stud or sleeper type earring in each ear lobe
  • One small nose stud (this must be removed for PE and all practical lessons)
  • One small ring
  • A wristwatch
  • Discreet make-up permitted at KS3 (Years 7, 8 & 9)
  • Discreet make-up permitted at KS4 (Years 10 & 11)
  • No nail varnish permitted or false nails

Students failing to comply will receive a 30 minute detention or will be placed in internal exclusion.

Any other jewellery that is worn by a student will be confiscated and can be collected at the end of the week.

All items of jewellery must be removed during Physical Education lessons.

If any jewellery worn in the academy is lost or stolen, the academy cannot accept any responsibility for the loss.

The academy reserves the right ask students to remove any items of jewellery that are felt to be inappropriate or dangerous.  Eyebrow rings and any other form of body, face or tongue piercing us not acceptable and students will be asked to remove them.  These will be confiscated and can be collected at the end of the day.  A 30 minute detention will be issued as a consequence for failing to comply.


Tattoos are illegal for children under the age of 18.  It stands to reason, therefore, that students are not allowed them in the academy.

Equipment for Learning

To learn effectively students will need some essential items of equipment.

Essential Equipment
Planner, pencil, rubber, pen (blue or black), ruler, purple pen, Knowledge Pack (provided by the academy), Years 7, 8 & 9 Reading Book (borrowed from the Academy Library).

Extremely useful additional equipment
A set of coloured pencil crayons (not felt tips), a rough note pad, pencil sharpener, calculator, glue stick, Mathematical equipment (a pair of compasses & protractor).

Very importantly, A SUITABLE STRONG BAG, big enough to fit an A4 folder (no plastic carrier bags, man bags or pouches are allowed).  This will help protect academy books and equipment.

Wherever possible please ensure that all belongings have suitable identifying marks or are named.  Students will have to complete a 30 minute same day detention if they do not bring the correct equipment to school.

The academy operates a NO fizzy drink/energy drink policy.  If found these will be confiscated and not returned to the student a 30 minute detention will be issued.

PE and Games Kit

Uniform – compulsory items

  • Academy PE top
  • Plain dark blue shorts (preferable) or plain dark blue tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain dark blue football socks
  • Football boots (outdoor PE)
  • Training shoes (indoor PE) – non-marking soles
  • Shin pads

Optional branded items which can be purchased from Rawcliffes

  • Academy PE shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • Academy tracksuit top
  • Academy fleece top
  • Academy games skirt

Showers are available; however students must bring their own towel and be changed in time within the PE Department lesson timings.  It is also advised that students wear a gum shield for football, hockey and rugby.

Students are also required to bring PE kit even when they are excused with a note.  Students will still be involved in the lesson in some capacity, e.g. to umpire, recording scores etc.  The only exception to this is when students have difficulty changing e.g. with a broken arm.

Please find information below for suggested retailers and for information regarding support from Uniform Exchange.