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Year 10s' Unforgettable Sailing Adventure

A group of Year 10 students embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime journey, sailing the high seas from Southampton on a week-long voyage, accompanied by Miss Hardy and Mr. Hall.

The adventure began with an early Sunday morning departure. Students were transported by minibus to Southampton, where they boarded a 68-foot sailing yacht with the crew from the Rona Sailing Project. The students were divided into two Watches, Port and Starboard, and taught essential sailing skills, including hoisting sails, helming, knot-tying, and anchoring for an overnight stay in Yarmouth Bay.

Taking on the responsibility of cooking for the week, the students prepared a variety of delicious meals for the hungry crew, highlighted by a scrumptious banoffee pie made by Starboard Watch on the first night. The next day, the wind and tide carried the students to Portsmouth, where they enjoyed a well-deserved shower at Gunwharf Quay before embarking on a night sail to Studland Bay, near Poole. Upon arrival, the students eagerly jumped off the boat's bow into the icy waters for a refreshing swim.

Their next destination was Yarmouth, where the students engaged in a competitive game of rounders on the beach. Although Starboard Watch was disappointed by a loss to Port Watch, their spirits were quickly lifted with a refreshing post-match ice lolly. Throughout the trip, students maintained a clean and tidy boat, ensuring a quick spruce-up before sailing to Cowes on the Isle of Wight for their final night.

In Cowes, a lively Mexican-themed evening awaited them. The students crafted a veggie chili from scratch and enjoyed the fun of bashing a piñata to win an assortment of sweets. The night concluded with a paper-plate award ceremony, where students received accolades for their efforts throughout the week.

As the final day arrived, students felt a mix of sadness and accomplishment. While reluctant to leave the amazing experience behind, they faced the challenge of thoroughly cleaning the boat before departure. Many students proudly earned their Scott Award, a testament to their dedication and hard work throughout the voyage.

This extraordinary trip provided Year 10 students with unforgettable memories, valuable life skills, and a profound sense of achievement.