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What to do if…

There are a lot of resources available to you to help with home and remote learning.  You will have been shown through these when you are at the Academy, but if you come across any issues, please use the table of FAQ’s to help. 


How do I log into Office 365?

Visit here and use your student username (email address) and password

My username / password is not working / I do not know my username / password






You can –

  • Ask a teacher to reset your password in school / give you your username and password
  • Ask reception staff to reset your password in school / give you your username and password
  • If you are at home, you can call into reception with your name and year group
  • You / your parents can email with your name, year group and school name (TCA)

I cannot get Teams / Office to work on my computer

There could be several possible issues. Below are some suggestions

  • If using a Windows laptop or desktop computer, make sure you are using either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to access Office 365
  • If you are using a Mac or Macbook, please use Google Chrome instead of safari
  • If the browser version of Office is not working, please try to download the Teams App
  • If your computer is behaving oddly, it may be that it is not powerful enough to access Teams. Please use the link below to check that your device meets the required specifications

I do not have a laptop or computer. How can I use Teams?

You can use a range of devices as listed below –

  • Tablet computers, such as iPads, Kindle, Hudl, Samsung
  • Any iPhone from iPhone 8 onwards
  • Android phones such as Sony, Samsung, and LG

To access Teams on these devices, you can either use the browser to login to Office 365 or download the Teams App or Office App on the Apple App store or Google Play

If using the Apps, you can take pictures of your work and upload these to Teams for your teachers

I cannot open files from Teams on my computer to edit / I cannot send my work on Teams

Check with your teacher that the work is set to ‘Students can edit their own copy’.

You can also email your teachers for guidance on assignments by using Outlook. If you are struggling to submit work on Teams, you can send the work by email for your teacher to see.

Word or PowerPoint files are not opening on my computer

This may be due to if you have Microsoft Office on your own device. If the files do not open on your computer, make sure when you open the files from Teams that you select ‘Open in Word / PowerPoint in browser.

I do not have a working device / Internet access I can use to access schoolwork while I am absent

The government have identified specific students may be eligible for device support. More information can be found here:

If you have no devices to use to access schoolwork, please get in touch with the academy immediately.