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Senior Leadership Team

Welcome to our Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Burton - Headteacher


I have worked at TCA since 2006, when I started here as a Newly Qualified Teacher in the English Department. I progressed over time until, in 2018, I was fortunate and privileged enough to be offered the role as Headteacher. Ultimately, my role is to uphold our expectations of ‘Be nice, work hard’, which exist for every student, member of staff, visitor or parent who attends TCA.

How do we do that? Firstly, we create an environment where behaviour is exceptional - students are here to learn and teachers are here to teach. We also do it by placing high expectations on students, with exceptional pastoral support, and through teaching and learning which helps students to learn more, remember more, ultimately leading to academic success.

As a father myself, I know the trust that a parent puts into their child’s school every single day. Nobody at TCA takes that trust for granted, and I want to work with parents to make absolutely sure that when a child leaves us at the end of year 11, they are a highly educated, ambitious, outstanding young person, ready to make a positive impact in the local community and the wider world.

Mr J O'Hara - Senior Deputy Headteacher

My own educational philosophy is strongly based upon the importance of excellent curriculum provision and engaging learning opportunities, which are provided best in a truly comprehensive setting.

My leadership specialism is centred on teaching and learning, specifically developing creative and innovative teams of lifelong learners. I ensure that the highest quality of education is central to every decision I make, fundamentally based on the principles of social mobility, equal opportunity and inclusion.

As Senior Deputy Headteacher I work closely with leaders and teachers in our academy along with colleagues across the family of schools that make up SHARE Multi-Academy Trust. This collaborative approach of working practices both supports and promotes the highest quality of educational standards for all of our learners.

My role is to ensure that each and every student receives an ambitious curriculum that is delivered effectively by a skilled group of professionals. Along with a team of colleagues, I quality assure teaching and learning, carefully monitoring the standard of education on offer to students at Thornhill Community Academy.

This work looks closely at all areas of provision, identifying our strengths as well as our areas that we would like to develop further.

Mr G Collins - Deputy Headteacher

I started at Thornhill Community Academy in 2013 as the Director of Science. Becoming part of the Senior Leadership Team was soon offered to me and here I am today as Deputy Headteacher in charge of behaviour and overseeing pastoral care - and what an honour it is to do so!

I have worked in a few schools in my career but I can honestly say that I have never worked in a school where students from all different cultures and backgrounds are so polite and hardworking and where staff are so committed in ensuring students achieve their very best.

We only have two rules in this academy and they are the same rules that we all need to apply to every stage in our life - 'work hard, be nice'. On the days when we fall short of these rules, expect to be challenged robustly so that we can put things right. Tomorrow is another day, another chance to get it right.

I am exceptionally proud of the behaviour and conduct of our students allowing students to learn, and teachers to teach. Low level disruption is very rare, which allows everyone to get on with what they are here to do – work hard, and be nice.

Mr S Pitcher - Deputy Headteacher

I joined the Academy in 2013 as Head of Languages and became part of the Senior Leadership Team later that year. As Deputy Headteacher (Student Outcomes), I am responsible for student progress and assessment at TCA and work with students, staff, parents and governors to ensure our young people achieve the best possible academic outcomes.  

I oversee our high-quality assessment and progress monitoring systems to ensure that staff are able to accurately identify individual student needs and act upon them effectively. This includes working with pastoral teams to ensure any barriers to student learning are addressed, as well as overseeing the academic support and mentoring programmes that we run for our GCSE cohorts each year. 

We wholeheartedly believe that all students have the right and potential to achieve well and I feel privileged to work as part of a fantastic staff team and with such a wonderful group of young people. We believe in high standards for our students because we know that with hard work and the right support they can achieve amazing things that will set them up for wonderful futures beyond TCA.

Ms L Rudd - Assistant Headteacher

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Ms E Stylianou - Assistant Headteacher

I joined Thornhill Community Academy at the start of 2017, initially, as the Director of English, and joined the Senior Leadership Team in 2018.

In my role, I have responsibility for Curriculum and Student Pathways.  I work closely with leaders to ensure that what is taught is both ambitious and enriching, to create a school experience that prepares all students for life beyond our academy. An essential part of this role is to prepare students for those crucial ‘next steps’ in their school journeys, whether that be providing guidance for Year 9 options, or preparing students for aspirational Post 16 pathways. 

Fundamental to my role is the firm belief that every student should have access to an ambitious curriculum, which will equip them with the necessary skills to be successful in their chosen pathways. I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of a school community that is dedicated to helping students develop into confident, caring, responsible adults who are able to play an active role, and make a positive contribution, in an ever-changing world.

Mr D Goodwin - Director of SEND

We are all different. Understanding and accepting these differences is a huge part of what we do at TCA. A huge part of our expectations – ‘be nice, work hard’ – means supporting everyone, regardless of background, vulnerability or circumstance, to become the person that they can be.

As Director of Inclusion it is my job to ensure that systems are in place to help staff to implement the adjustments that could make a world of difference to people with Special Educational Needs. 

Seeing students with SEND grow into confident, independent young adults is one of the most satisfying parts of my role. Every year I continue to be astonished by, and proud of, the hard work, resilience and endeavour that our students show.

Ms N Holmes - Designated Safeguarding Lead

I grew up in Thornhill and attended the academy when it was Thornhill High School. I went on to study fashion design and worked in the industry for a few years before changing direction and working for the NHS in a variety of non-clinical roles. I also spent some time working in the public relations department of Liverpool Football Club. I’ve worked at the academy since 2014; the majority of that time I’ve had responsibility for Student Services, which covers Safeguarding, Wellbeing, Ethnic Minority Achievement and Attendance. 

If students or their families need support with mental health or wellbeing, if they are being harmed or at risk of harm, or are struggling due to their social circumstances then the pastoral team and I can help. There are a range of interventions that we can put in place within school, or we can help students and parent/carers to receive support or guidance from external services. Please see the Safeguarding and Wellbeing page of the website for more information.

I feel fortunate to work with really dedicated, caring colleagues at Thornhill who do everything possible to ensure students achieve and have the best life chances. Students here are given every opportunity to succeed and it’s incredibly important to me that their aspirations, hopes and dreams for the future are nurtured. Our expectations of ‘work hard, be nice’ are central to everything that we do.