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Remote Learning Rules & Expectations

What are the rules and expectations when attending remote lessons?

If the bubble you are a part of is not attending lessons, you will be asked to attend a live lesson meeting on MS Teams. These will follow your timetabled lessons.  Your teachers will send out meeting invitations, so please check for these each morning. Just like your lessons within the academy, there are some basic expectations about behaviour:

  1. All lessons are recorded for safeguarding purposes and can be shared with staff and parents in the event of poor behaviour.

  2. Stick to the times of the meetings. If a meeting starts at 8:40, join the meeting at 8:40 so that the teacher can get started. Any delay will limit the amount of lesson time you will have. If you do not attend, your name will be passed to your Year Leader, who will be calling home to check on you.

  3. When joining an online 'live' lesson, there are the same level of expectations as in 'normal' lessons. If you do not meet expectations or disrupt the learning of others, you will be removed from the lesson and not allowed back into the meeting. Your parents will be contacted and may be shown evidence of poor behaviour.

  4. Your teacher is responsible for controlling the lesson. They may take control or limit your video and audio as needed.  If a teacher has muted you, do not unmute. Failing to behave appropriately will see you removed from the meeting.

  5. Please ensure all comments on the chat facility are appropriate and related to the lesson. They are recorded and will be shared with staff and parents if necessary.

  6. You must stay on the meeting during the duration of your lesson and not leave. If you are given an independent task to be working on you need ensure your camera and microphone are turned off and work like this while staying in the meeting. You teacher will give you feedback, either verbally or on the chat function.

  7. At the end of the lesson your teacher may ask you to upload any tasks you have completed throughout the lesson as evidence of your work. Please be ready to do this.

  8. Please be respectful of other students in the lesson as you would be in a real classroom.