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Ethnic Minority Achievement (EMA)

If English is not your first language then we can provide support to make sure you achieve your potential in the academy. Our New Arrivals program offers support for those arriving at Thornhill Community Academy to ensure that you have skills to enjoy and succeed in your lessons. The team also run and facilitate a six-week bespoke program to raise aspirations for both KS3 and KS4 students. At KS4 support is specifically targeted to help students achieve their GCSEs.

The department also:
Interprets for parents/carers for whom English is an additional language at Parents' Evenings and meetings. 
Maintains contact with parents/carers via phone calls. 
Facilitates adult literacy workshops for parents, with a particular focus on the British curriculum, literacy, and current issues.

Home visits are also made to inform parents about the progress their child is making at the academy.  The EMA base is open at break and lunchtime to offer social support and we also encourage students to use this time as an opportunity to get advice and assistance with homework.

Who should I talk to if I want more information?
Mrs F Mulla – EMA Co-ordinator
Mrs H Mulla – EMA Support Worker
Mr S Chaudhry – Urdu teacher