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We will:

  • Continue to develop a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of all students, accelerates progress and enhances their cultural capital
  • Ensure that lessons are knowledge-rich, organised into coherent and clear Schemes of Learning as part of a systematic approach to curriculum design
  • Ensure that students are given regular and opportunities to practise and recall previous knowledge learnt
  • Use assessment to identify what students know, what gaps in knowledge they have, and skilfully intervene to plug those gaps
  • Ensure that all students will achieve the best possible academic outcomes regardless of individual backgrounds, needs or circumstances

The TCA curriculum will ensure that:

  • All students will develop a love of learning and will be well rounded individuals who are able to work independently
  • All students will develop their moral integrity (TOGETHER) and know how to keep themselves happy and safe
  • All students will secure functional literacy and numeracy skills
  • Students are engaged and enthused, and that their studies are enriched by extra-curricular opportunities which they enjoy and thrive in
  • All students will have high aspirations and gain qualifications needed to access an ambitious Post 16 pathway
  • Students will be provided access to a wide range of experiences to support the development of cultural capital
The Bridge Thorn Centre
(ASC Provision)
Most Able Least Able

Access to careers pathways.

A range of appropriate behavioural interventions.

A range of qualifications which are mapped to individual needs and aptitudes.

Personal development opportunities which meet students’ needs and support them to reflect.

Understanding of ASC and its impact on student’s lives.

Therapeutic support and mentoring.

A range of appropriate qualifications which provide challenge.

Bespoke careers guidance and support.

Enhanced transition to support post-TCA setting.

Careers support and guidance.

Opportunities for curated high-end FE/HE institutions to develop ambition.

A challenging, academically rigorous curriculum, highly likely to be EBacc.

Aspirational extra-curricular opportunities which complement the academic curriculum.

Early intervention careers support and guidance.

A curriculum which challenges and offers appropriate qualifications to succeed which meet students’ needs and aptitudes.

Extra-curricular opportunities which remove barriers and widen students’ worlds.

The main aims of our curriculum since COVID-19 are to:
  • help pupils catch up on the learning missed during the COVID 19 closures with skilfully delivered course content;
  • develop blended learning strategies to support the recovery curriculum from September 2020;
  • enable students to progress in all areas, regardless of ability, disability, gender, race or sexuality; 
  • develop successful students who give their personal best and achieve;
    develop the confidence of our students so that they are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives; 
  • enable students to become responsible citizens who make positive contributions to college life; 
  • equip students with the 21st century knowledge and skills needed beyond TCA; 
  • encourage students to develop the knowledge and skills needed for employment or training; 
  • offer students the chance to achieve and have high aspirations and ambition;
  • offer students the opportunity, through the SMSC programme, for moral and spiritual reflection in order to promote confidence, positive emotional and mental health.

For full details of our Curriculum Intent please see our full suite of policies by clicking on the link below:  Curriculum policy documents