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Career of the Week

We are pleased to introduce you to ‘Career of the Week.’  This is a programme run by the academy to introduce our students to a varied and aspirational collection of careers.

‘Career of the week’ sees students being introduced to a selected career each week. If students are interested in the named career they need to start some research on the routes to achieving this and also email/speak to Mrs Sinclair, the Careers Leader. Each week we will link parents to the ‘Career of the Week’ along with our learning resources through our app, twitter and website to enable you to discuss this with your child when they get home.

We hope that by linking teachers, students and parents in this way that we are better equipping our young people for a successful and fulfilling future. 

Each week the most recent addition to ‘Career of the Week’ will appear at the top of the list shown below.  Please follow the links to find information about any of the careers shown that you are interested in.