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ASC Provision

Following the reorganisation of specialist provision for children with Special Educational Needs in Kirklees, the North Kirklees Resourced Provision for Autistic Spectrum Conditon is now based at Thornhill Community Academy. In January 2014, the academy opened the dedicated resourced provision, The Thorn Centre, supporting students with Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and its associated social and communication difficulties.

The Resourced Provision aims to ensure the integration of ASC students within the main academy. For young people within the resource, our objective is to offer a high level of support so that each student can take advantage of the academy community and activities so far as he/she feels able and with our specialist support and teaching, ASC students are able to access most of their mainstream lessons. Students also have access to a personalised Social and Communication curriculum, which will enable them to progress across the curriculum and in all areas of life.

The academy has also introduced a new initiative which involves fellow students from the academy offering pastoral support to those who live with ASC. This includes peer mentoring, a “help with homework” club and general awareness-raising/acceptance throughout the school. It is important that students are aware of how students with ASC can be different, and that they understand how to communicate and socialise effectively and empathetically with them.

The ASC provision at Thornhill Community Academy offers support and advice to the whole of North Kirklees, working with students, families and school staff who are dealing with ASC on a daily basis.

Parents and carers can discuss referrals to The Thorn Centre with Kirklees SENACT, or can seek information from Sarah Summersall Frith (Teacher in Charge of Provision).

Further information can be found via the link below.