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Students encounter amazing rainforest animals

Students in Year 8 were amazed to see and handle rainforest animals in the Academy as part of their Geography study day.

Students were able to experience a workshop led by Zoo Lab presenter, Eleanor Perkins, who showed various rainforest animals to the students. Eleanor spoke about each of the animals that she presented. She informed the students about animal adaptations and other interesting facts about their survival in the rainforest, including how they hunt for food and try to survive from their predators. 

The event was organised by Geography teacher, Mr Drummond, so that students could gain a broader understanding of the importance of tropical rainforests and the biodiversity that exists within them. Students were also able to develop their understanding of key rainforest challenges specifically for animals.

Our students really enjoyed the day and those brave enough were pleased to handle or touch the giant creepy crawlies!

A giant African land snail


A giant African millipede


The Chilean rose tarantula


Noodle the Corn snake from the USA


The White’s Tree Frog found in Australia