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Bletchley Park Maths Challenge

Academy students were put to the challenge of solving a wide range of Mathematical puzzles in a workshop day led by Liz Mitchell from Bletchley Park.

Bletchley Park was once the home to the top-secret codebreakers of WWII and is famous for the work led by Alan Turing who broke the secret code of the Enigma machine. Today it is open to members of the public and is an educational foundation. 
Ms Mitchell worked with a variety of different students to showcase the importance of Maths, problem solving and resilience and the impact it had in WWII.  Students learned about and used a variety of different cyphers to decode messages. By decoding a series of several messages students were able to identify the concealed name of a spy and discover a six-digit number enabling them to break into a briefcase.

Ms Mitchell also demonstrated a working Enigma machine so that students could learn about how this was used in WWII and the complex techniques that were deployed in creating coded messages.

Our students really enjoyed the day which was organised by Mathematics teacher, Mrs Meldrum as part of extending students’ knowledge and understanding of the use of Mathematics in the wider world.