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A visit to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool

A group of Year 8 students visited the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool to consolidate their learning in history.

Year 8 students have learned about the history of empire, slavery and civil rights in history this year, and were able to enhance their understanding of these topics by participating in a workshop led by museum staff on the legacies of slavery. This allowed students to link their learning in the topics they have studied this year, and apply it to historical events that they have not studied.

Students also had the chance to look at the exhibits in the museum, which included artefacts from Western Africa, objects that were used onboard slave ships, and a large model recreating a typical American plantation.

After eating lunch in a picnic area at the Albert Dock, students had the chance to take photos of a historic area of Liverpool, and buy an ice cream. The students greatly enjoyed the visit and benefitted from the opportunity to learn about the past from their visit to the museum.

The trip was organised by Dr Price as part of the history department’s commitment to enhancing the learning of its students.