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Virtual Work Experience

Whilst many people are now able to work remotely using technology as a platform to access their work environment the same technique enabled some of our Year 10 students to engage in virtual work experience.

During online sessions led by Kirklees Council students were able to gain insight into different roles that operate within various council services.  Throughout the two-day workshop the students worked online where they engaged in presentations, discussions and groupwork tasks.  They had breaks from the screen when they were challenged to carry out various activities as part of the learning programme.

The virtual work experience gave the students the opportunity to discover what it is like to work in a wide variety of public services including: Highways, Libraries, Public Health, 
Parks & Landscape Architects, IT, Transformation Team and HR Apprenticeships.

The event was organised at the Academy by Mrs Sinclair as part of our Careers programme through which we engage students with the wider world of work where they can learn about potential employment and training opportunities and discover careers that they might wish to pursue in the future.