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Girls’ Empowerment Programme

A group of girls in Year 9 and 10 have been taking part in a new programme designed to build their skills and confidence and to get involved in social action.

In the two-day programme, led by Julie Tweedale of Freedom Personal Safety, the students explored issues relating to gender inequality and how these have a negative impact on both girls and boys. During the workshops the students have looked at children’s clothing, toys, jobs and the issue of sexual harassment in schools.
The programme also focused on social action and the girls have created some peer education awareness materials to share with other students at the Academy. Among these are posters for display and a video that will form part of a special assembly which will convey the issues around gender inequality and sexual harassment in schools.
Julie from Freedom Personal Safety, who have created and delivered the programme, said: ‘I have been really impressed by the engagement and interest from the girls.’

A Year 9 girl told us: ‘I never usually speak up in class but I’ve had loads to say today.’

Whilst looking at some clothing and toys aimed at girls, a Year 10 student remarked: ‘Why is it all about princesses? I want to be a queen.’

Julie added: ‘It is great to see that this generation are challenging some of the stereotypes imposed on them, and hopefully this will bring about change for the better.’

Further information about the Freedom Personal Safety organisation, including advice and support, can be found online at:

At the Academy we are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for all and strive to build a strong moral character and resilience in our students.