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Everyone Reads In Class (ERIC)

The Academy is committed to the development of students’ literacy skills and ERIC time is designed to further students’ language acquisition and equip them with the literacy skills they will need for success in life.

Studies have shown that reading for pleasure is linked to improved success in life, greater self-confidence, better general knowledge and better health. In addition, those who read for pleasure make more progress in maths between the ages of 10 and 16 than those who rarely read.  
With this in mind, we are continuing Everyone Reads In Class or ‘ERIC’ time for students in years 7-9. In previous years ERIC has been enormously successful at promoting a love of reading and visits to the library were at a record level.  We have put together a timetable so that once a week, in either English or Maths, twenty minutes at the beginning of the lesson will be dedicated to reading for pleasure. Students in years 7-9 must have an ERIC book with them (either from the library or from home) for this slot and failure to do so will result in a 30 minute same day detention.