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Virtual Visit from Worcester College, Oxford

In previous years, students aspiring to go to University have had the opportunity to visit Worcester College, part of the University of Oxford. Due to the continuing COVID restrictions this has not been possible this year. However, we were delighted to bring Worcester College into the classroom through a virtual presentation.

In a special online session arranged by Dr Price, 30 students from Year 11 were able to discover more about studying at university.
The online workshop was presented live by Dr Marchella Ward, Tinsley Outreach Fellow and Claire Sims, Admissions and Access Officer.  During the presentation they informed students about what it is like to study at university and the support that is available to students through various grants and scholarships. Students were able to find out about the range of courses available, careers and the application process. Students were also given advice about what they should be doing now in preparation for finding a university place in the future.

The presentation also gave insight into life at Worcester College as students were able to view images of the site and discover what it is like living at the college.

Whilst the presentation centred on Oxbridge applications much of the information is beneficial to students who may be considering applying to other universities.

To discover more, students can find further information online from the Worcester College website. There is a special section with dedicated advice for students in years 10 and 11. This can be viewed here.

To prepare for study in higher education students can get a head start by taking part in various activities now. One of those is the essay writing competition. Further information can be found here.

We are delighted that three of our students have already taken part in this project. Students had to write a 1500-word essay on a topic set by Worcester College. Yahya’s essay was about whether we can trust history books, Khadija’s was about the accuracy of translation and the meaning of words, and Sauda’s was about whether genes define who a person is. They were all excellent and we are really proud of the effort they put into their work.

Any student who wishes to take part in the essay writing competition should speak to Dr Price.

The second activity that we would encourage aspiring students to engage with is the Worcester Bookshelf project. Students choose a book from a selected list of titles. A copy of the book is provided free of charge and students then submit a review which will be published on the website. For further information about this project and to take part please see here.

Photos: The Grounds of Worcester College.