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Lighting the Way: The SoulScent Candles Journey

A group of Year 10 students have embarked on an inspiring journey, guided by their teacher, Mr Hazi, and supported by business advisor Abi Culley from the Link group. Their mission was to create something special and that would have appeal to members of the public.  The students created SoulScent Candles.

"Starting with simple brainstorming, we stumbled upon the idea of candles," recalls Managing Director, Sam Hunter.

The concept evolved to include emotions, aiming to shine a light on mental health awareness.

"Keeping sustainability in mind, we chose recycled jars and soy wax," notes Ayaan Kadia.

This decision reflected the team’s commitment to eco-friendliness.

The team were delighted to receive the Young Enterprise Sustainability Award for their product. 

Despite facing challenges along the way, including sourcing materials and perfecting their candle-making techniques, the students remained resilient.  Each obstacle became an opportunity for growth and learning, reinforcing their determination to see their project through.

We were pleased to hear that many members of the public were keen to purchase the beautifully made products and that our students were delighted with their success.