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Year 10 students embark on a day of activities around gender equality, crime prevention and much more in their SMSC day

Our Year 10 students valued the learning opportunities gained from our SMSC day when they spent the whole day off from their normal timetable in order to take part in a number of activities aimed at developing their awareness of issues related to their Spiritual Moral Social Cultural Development.

We were delighted to welcome Mrs Sharera Patel who spoke to students about Gender Equality in Islam. In her presentation she explored issues around faith and culture and how people perceive both positive and negative images of Islam as featured in the media. She also presented teachings from the Qur’an on equality for women and how males and females should behave and show respect towards one another.

We were also pleased to welcome Alex Bennett, Youth Crime Prevention Officer, from West Yorkshire Police.  In her presentation students were informed of the dangers of being coerced into criminal activities in the local community.  A further workshop was led by Helen Burns of GamCare who highlighted issues concerning gambling and the dangers of gambling addiction.  Additionally, a workshop on propaganda, in which both historical and current day biases and mis-leading information was examined, was delivered by Jade Wright of the Peace Museum, Bradford. 

The final group session was led by Academy staff, Mrs Raven-Hill and Mrs Rudd, who ran a presentation and hosted a discussion on issues around Sexual Harassment.  

We are extremely grateful to our staff and external visitors for delivering a series of brilliant sessions for our students, which have greatly enhanced their knowledge and personal development.   We are looking forward to hosting further sessions for our students in Year’s 10 and 11 during the reminder of the year.