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Educational Excursion Expands Students' Understanding of Religious Studies

In a bid to enrich the academic experience gained in the classroom, students from the Year 11 GCSE Religious Studies group went on a visit to Bradford Cathedral and the Muhammadi Masjid.  The trip, organised by Mrs Rudd, provided students with first-hand experience of the Christian and Islamic faiths studied as part of their GCSE course.

At Muhammadi Masjid, students had a tour of the mosque, gaining insights into its architectural and cultural features.  A demonstration of the purification ritual, known as wudu, offered a practical understanding of Islamic practices.  Students were given a talk about the key beliefs and practices associated with Islam and this was followed by the opportunity for them to ask questions about the features they observed in the mosque and explore further the key beliefs and practices associated with Islam in relation to their course of study.

The visit to Bradford Cathedral was equally enlightening as students embarked on a guided tour, witnessing first-hand the sacred spaces where the sacraments of baptism and holy communion are performed.  The information provided during the tour was directly aligned with the subjects covered in their Religious Studies course, offering a tangible connection between theory and practice.

This was an excellent opportunity for students to witness the features of these places of worship and for them to discover more about each of the faiths that they study in the classroom.  They were also able to discover how these places of worship are used by the local community whom they serve.

Mrs Rudd told us: “Since beginning their studies, students have studied the beliefs and practices of Christians and Muslims.  The opportunity to visit Bradford Cathedral and the Muhammadi mosque has been an excellent opportunity for students to experience a Christian and Muslim place of worship.”

We would like to extend our gratitude to our hosts at both places of worship for welcoming our students and providing them with an informative learning experience.