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Parliament Excursion Inspires Students

In a recent venture organised by the Academy’s Student Leadership Coordinator Miss Healey, members of our Student Parliament embarked on an informative visit to the Houses of Parliament in London.  The primary objective of the trip was to ignite a passion for politics amongst students, discover the benefits of studying at university, encourage them to consider future careers in the field, and deepen their understanding of local political processes.

The journey began with an early morning rail departure from Wakefield.  On arrival at the Houses of Parliament the students were taken on a guided tour of the iconic buildings led by Peter Hornsby, Parliamentary assistant to Dewsbury MP Mark Eastwood.  During the tour, students gained valuable insights into the functioning of Parliament and learned about the historical context of the UK’s centre of government. 

A highlight of the visit was the opportunity to witness a live debate on the declaration of the UK as a renewable energy superpower, which centred around the King's Speech.  Following the debate, Mr Hornsby engaged the students in a Q&A session, shedding light on his role and discussing with them various ideas that could enhance the local area.  The information gathered during this session will shape the upcoming yearly project of our Student Parliament team.

Continuing their educational journey, students explored King’s College, ranked among the top 10 universities globally.  Lewis Warner, a third-year Politics student at King's College, provided valuable insights into aspects of university life such as funding, life in London, and the pros and cons of pursuing a degree.  The day concluded with a well-deserved visit to the iconic London Eye at sunset, followed by a delightful meal at Pizza Express and a walk through Covent Garden.

Students were highly commended by both Miss Healey and Mr Burton for their exemplary behaviour, active engagement, and courteous manners throughout the entire trip.  Congratulations to all the participants for truly embodying the spirit of Thornhill Community Academy: "work hard, and be nice."