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Academy Students Empowered with Essential Life-Saving Skills

In a special training event led by staff and volunteers from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service, Academy students were given the opportunity to learn the techniques of performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, more commonly known as CPR. 

CPR is an extremely important skill that could save someone’s life. With training from call handlers, paramedics, and community first-aiders, Year 10 students at the Academy had the opportunity to learn how to perform CPR should the need ever arise.

During the workshop students learned about the procedures for aiding someone in cardiac arrest and the technique for providing chest compressions. Further, they were able to ask questions of medical staff attending the event enabling them to discover more about careers within the medical profession. 

The training session also gave students the opportunity to experience the flight deck of an air ambulance helicopter as the Yorkshire Air Ambulance very kindly brought their training vehicle on site. 

The event was organised at the Academy by Science Teacher, Mrs Patel, who ran the event to coincide with the national Restart a Heart Day.

She told us: “The training has a huge impact on students. As a school we know how important it is to have CPR training. We are committed to giving every student the chance to learn this vital skill before they leave.”

We are most grateful to the medical professionals who joined us for the day so as to provide the training to our students and we would also like to congratulate all of our Year 10 students for engaging positively in learning skills that one day could save someone’s life.