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June 2023

  • Immersed in History and Inspired by Dracula: Year 7 Students Explore Whitby Abbey

    Published 30/06/23

    A group of students from Year 7 were thrilled to have the opportunity to visit Whitby and explore the ruins of the Abbey as part of their history lessons.  The trip provided them with a chance to immerse themselves in the historical context of the Abbey and learn about its significance.

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  • Year 11 Leavers’ Gala Ball: A Night of Glamour and Celebration

    Published 29/06/23

    Year 11 students celebrated the culmination of their school days at Thornhill Community Academy with a fabulous Gala Ball.  The special event was a great success, with students embracing the opportunity to dress up and make lasting memories of their time at high school.  The atmosphere was filled with excitement and a sense of accomplishment as students and staff gathered together to celebrate this special milestone.

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  • Students attend Arts event at the WOW Barn Festival

    Published 06/06/23

    A group of students from the Academy were delighted to join with students from other schools when they attended an Arts event at the WOW Barn Festival, Leeds.

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June 2023