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Poem of the Half Term

Welcome to our ‘Poem of the Half Term’

Each half term students will be introduced to a new piece of poetry which will help them develop their language and literacy skills.  Reading poetry enables students to discover new writing styles and to increase their vocabulary.

In order to assist our students further we encourage parents to read the poem with them.

The poem for this half term is shown below.  There is also a link to a Youtube video which shows an accurate narration of the poem.

(Extract from) Tissue by Imtiaz Dharker

Paper that lets the light 
shine through, this 
is what could alter things. 
Paper thinned by age or touching, 

the kind you find in well-used books, 
the back of the Koran, where a hand 
has written in the names and histories, 
who was born to whom, 

the height and weight, who 
died where and how, on which sepia date,
pages smoothed and stroked and turned 
transparent with attention. 

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