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Head of Year Team

We strive to ensure a student's time at Thornhill Community Academy is as enjoyable and as productive as possible. Our responsibilities for pastoral care play a key role in providing support and guidance for our students. We have a dedicated, non-teaching Head of Year team, who provide students with a key point of contact throughout their time at the academy. Our team monitor not a only students' progress academically, but also socially within the Thornhill Community Academy environment.

Please be introduced to our Head of Year Team:

Year 7:  Mrs Crowther

Year 8: Mrs Stevens

Year 9: Mrs Griffiths

Year 10: Ms Keen and Mr Stephenson

Year 11: Mrs Marsden

Promoting hard work, excellent behaviour, mutual respect and awareness of all members of the academy is vital. It is the academy’s relentless drive to further improve the highest levels of achievement within a cohesive and inclusive learning community that makes Thornhill Community Academy what it is:

A School, A Family, A Community.